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W Rehatrainers oferujemy holistyczne i unikalne podejście w opiece naszych pacjentów. Inspirujemy i wspieramy w powrocie do ulubionych aktywności i zdrowego stylu życia. Promujemy, przywracamy i pomagamy utrzymać zdrowie fizyczne oraz psychiczne.

U nas doświadczysz najwyższych standardów obsługi opartych na aktualnej wiedzy zdobytej na międzynarodowych kursach i szkoleniach. Wiemy, że najwyższy standard opieki razem z indywidualnym podejściem umożliwi Ci powrót do pełni zdrowia i ulubionych aktywności. Stawiamy na pewną diagnozę, edukację oraz indywidualnie dobrany plan leczenia. W całym procesie uwzględniamy Twoje potrzeby i możliwości, wkładając 100% zaangażowania. Wszystko to w dobrej atmosferze i partnerskich relacjach.

Szczegółowy wywiad i badanie fizjoterapeutyczne dokładna diagnostyka

Wiedza zdobyta na międzynarodowych szkoleniach i kursach

Indywidualnie dobrany plan leczenia, analiza i zaplanowanie procesu

Słuchamy potrzeb pacjenta

Skuteczne techniki fizjoterapeutyczne bazujące na dowodach naukowych

Dyplomowani fizjoterapeuci

Zakres usług

Kontuzje sportowe

Wady i korekcja postawy u dzieci i młodzieży

Bóle pleców i kręgosłupa

Medyczny trening terapeutyczny

Urazy ortopedyczne


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Rehatrainers - gabinet fizjoterapii
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Karolina Pęksa
Karolina Pęksa
21:24 21 Feb 21
Mateusz conducted my rehabilitation in conjunction with training after a serious car accident. Thanks to his skills, I... quickly got into shape. He had to choose exercises to suit my abilities, which were very limited due to the damaged leg and the screws embedded in it (to hold the bone after surgery). Despite these obstacles, the training was very effective, giving a sense of security and full professionalism. It allowed me to regain physical fitness in a very short time. I recommend it with all my heart.czytaj więcej
Beata Grzyb
Beata Grzyb
20:04 20 Feb 21
For several years I have had a problem with the cervical and lumbar spine. Numerous visits to doctors and therapeutic... procedures did not bring any results. Only visits to Mr. Mateusz helped me relieve pain and function normally in everyday life. I will continue to use treatments. I recommend.czytaj więcej
Wojciech Regulski
Wojciech Regulski
14:55 20 Feb 21
I heartily recommend - Mateusz immediately identified the main sources of pain and muscle tension in the knee area. He... conducted several sessions and showed home exercises.czytaj więcej
Anna Jagiełło
Anna Jagiełło
11:18 28 Dec 20
I came here with a shoulder overload, which additionally has paralysis of the plexus. I go regularly to Mr. Sebastian... who I can honestly recommend. High professionalism and the ability to combine several working methods. After the first few meetings, the overload began to ease off, and after about 2 months I began to feel more control and increased mobility of the hand with which I thought that I could not do too much.czytaj więcej
11:42 03 Dec 20
I have been struggling with back pain for several months. A friend recommended Rehatrainers to me. Improving physical... and mental health after the first visit. In addition, the physiotherapist has a great approach to the client (I personally had a treatment with Mr. Mateusz).I recommend it to everyone !!!czytaj więcej
Michal Ż
Michal Ż
20:50 27 Nov 20
Super professional rehabilitation fitness service supported by professional experience acquired over years of practice.... I highly recommend!czytaj więcej
Marta Rybicka
Marta Rybicka
10:41 31 Oct 20
I came to Rehatrainers with a torn calf muscle and a strained Achilles and the risk that I would not go back to playing... tennis. Mateusz Galiński made the correct diagnosis before the ultrasound examination, and then he fought bravely for several weeks to restore fitness. Today I run without a problem 🙂 Many thanks to Mateusz and I recommend the office very much!czytaj więcej
Joanna Jarosz
Joanna Jarosz
16:10 22 Sep 20
I am very pleased with the cooperation with Rehatrainers.At the beginning, we clearly set our goals and stick to the... plan to achieve them.I have been practicing with coach Mateusz for almost 3 months and I can see the results after each class. I am lazy by nature, I am not in good shape yet, but the exercises are always prepared so that they are interesting, on the one hand they are a challenge and on the other hand they are realistic to do.All my worries about how I would feel in the gym vanished after the first 5 minutes. I feel good there, I discover new possibilities of my body and sincerely enjoy each activity.Mateusz has a lot of knowledge in the field of anatomy and is happy to share it, so I always know for what purpose I do the exercise.I recommend it to anyone who wants to change something in their figure or improve their condition. I am at the beginning of my adventure, but I know that it was a good decision and I wish everyone the same care provided by Rehatrainers! 🙂czytaj więcej
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